Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day is one of my favorite holidays. The obvious reasons are only augmented by the unofficial start of summer and that means a lot of outdoor time.

The time spent indoors ( more basketball and not complaining) was more than made up for by the great finds outside on bike rides and dog walking excursions.

The endangered Lady Slipper (which I may have picked once as a youngster):


The crowd favorite, baby snapping turtle:



The poisonous water moccasin (on my walk with Dixie and right on the child filled street):


The last reason I love Memorial Day is that it is now time to wear white!


Wear white and have a happy summer!


A Slight Distraction

After wavering and waffling about it for what seems like forever, I am proud to announce that I am a weaver.  Yup, got myself a loom last week during a visit to Webs.  The Schacht Flip 20″ with 3 dents, just to cover all the bases.

It sat in the box all weekend since I was a sporty mom down at the Cape but Monday morning, the fun began.  Assembly was simple and my consultants Debbi and Pat were helping me dive right in.  I took some yarn that Carrie had given me, no time for picture taking of the skein, and set out to make a scarf.

I have to say, within a relatively quick time, I was weaving.

Weave on

Finished last night,

hemstitched this morning and blocked and fringed this afternoon.

All that remains

Just like that…a scarf…voila!

With a Fringe on Top

It’s a Scarf

I am diving into the stash for the next one!

The particulars can be found here.

Now for shameless puppy promotion:  I couldn’t resist sharing this cute picture.  Although Dixie is a great walker for a puppy, the heat does get to her.  This morning, she cried “Uncle!

Looking forward to a three day weekend! Hope you enjoy yours!

I may weave.  Do you have any plans?

Happy Mother’s Day

Wishing you all a very happy day!  We all have a mother or are mothers ourselves so how ever you celebrate I hope you have a great day!

cherry blossoms

Me? I’ll be the mom on the sidelines…7 games this weekend and I had my coffee and knitting court side this morning!

Sideline activities

Happy Day, especially to all the Mothers out there who are an inspiration to me!

Slow and Steady

…Wins the race.

Thanks to Dixie, while my knitting time and production have diminished slightly, there is fun stuff to share and report.  The best and newest discovery is that she really really REALLY doesn’t like this stuff…Bitter Apple spray.  Say what you will, but we have been though a whole sprayer of an alternative and have scratched furniture and hands to show for it’s effectiveness.  But today, it has become my miracle!  I see a future for me that doesn’t include watching her every waking moment!

Dixie sitting nicely, waving treats!

What’s this?

Oh No! I’m outa here!

Now on to knitting…here’s my secret test knit for a friend…and it is awesome!  Can’t wait till she shares with you!  All shall be revealed in the fullness of time…

Secret Woobu Knitting

And my Color Affection (or infection as Steph would say) shawl.

Color Infection

And maybe best of all, my patterns will now be sold by WEBS-America’s Yarn Store on their website!  Steppingstone Fiber Creations patterns on WEBS website, beyond excited by this one!!!  In addition to running a successful business, Kathy and Steve are great people.  Thanks for this opportunity to partner with you!!! You guys are awesome!

Patterns on WEBS

Now off to catch a few minutes of knitting.  I wonder if the Bitter Apple will bleach out the yarn colors? Hmmm, may have to try!

Knit on…

Meet Dixie Belle

We took a few days but managed to come up with a name for our new puppy that everyone not only likes but that also suits her very well. Originally from Virginia, she is the perfect Dixie Belle, a southern pup who will hopefully mind her manners as she grows up!

Don't be fooled by the sweetness

The past month has been an adjustment for everyone having a puppy afoot. My hours are suddenly really full and there is seldom a dull moment. The sweetest part of this lovable ball of energy is her ability to sleep 8 hours and not have any accidents during the night! For that alone, I love her!

She is a delight but don’t let her cuteness factor fool you…she has earned the nickname Cujo for her antics!

Dixie digs to China

playing with toys

Ice Ice baby

Dixie and Lacie, neighbors and playmates

I have managed only a little knitting, finishing up the second baby tunic. (Details here and here.)

Twin sweaters

button front detail

and so far Dixie has shown an interest in yarn but has not been given the opportunity to play with it.  That is, if you don’t count beyond running off with the big ball with me trailing behind, project attached.

But I’ll be keeping a careful watch and protecting my string like no other!  You hear that Dixie? I’m talking to you!

Dixie crashes and cuddles

I do have a few things on the needles and more knitting to reveal.  Check back in tomorrow!

Have a great week! Feel free to share any puppy tips, it’s been a while and I am rusty…

Happy May Day!

My Baby

Yesterday marked the 8th birthday of my baby.  I am absolutely blown away by the speed of those 8 years.

The babies of the family

She had a wonderful day with her puppy, Dixie Belle, and all her well wishes and presents.

Blow out the candles

Happy birthday Peach! We love you!

A New Adventure

The peace and quiet from the weekend was short lived.

We have a new family member!  A beagle mix rescue puppy came to our home today at 10 weeks old.

Five happy kids

The kids are thrilled and all cried.  They missed our old pals Maddy and Striper and were overjoyed at the surprise.  (My apologies to their teachers; the homework isn’t done. Or at least not well done.)

Settling down on the new pillow

Such a cutie

Don’t you love the face?  She is a darling.

Now all we need is a name…

A Peaceful Weekend

This has been a rare game-less weekend for our family!  And I have thoroughly enjoyed it!

There was much progress on the baby girl tunic…

Girl Twin Tunic

The fish got clean bowls…

Hi fishies!

“Fish are people too.”  “Fish are friends not food.” Name that movie…


Stormy Autumn

And I watched  a nice movie, “Like Crazy”.

Have you seen it?


Spring has come early in our neck of the woods.  The kids are in shorts and the jackets are off and, look what’s peaking outside…

Hydrangea Buds
Taken with my iPhone 4S

Also, a quick baby sweater flew off the needles.  I have already cast on for his twin sister!  (I am knitting these for a knitter whose eyes now prevent her from knitting…can’t even imagine that!!)

Baby Tunics

And I have a major hankering to spin something…


Blue Moon Fiber Arts ST-2 in Mulberry Silk/Superfine Merino

or this?

Fat Cat Mixed Blessings BFL

Happy Spring!!