Socks, With Love

Sometimes things don’t go the way we plan.  Life throws us curveballs.  I got one this week and decided to make lemonade.  It’s my self-declared Valentine’s Week.

In honor of Valentine’s Week, I present Socks, With Love.  These were originally designed for my daughter as a birthday present but I loved them so much I thought I would share.  (Hers have an added flower embellishment to preserve the one-of-a-kind, special-for-me quality a kid craves.)

They are designed in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Mediumweight and Sanguine Gryphon Bugga! (If you’re at Stitches West today, rumor is both yarns can be found there!)

The socks are sized for Child and Adult but the ribbing and lace detail make for a very elastic cuff, aka “grow-with-me” socks. Personalize them with “Butterflies” to make them unique for your special someone.  (Butterflies work magic with handpainted yarns!)

Show someone you care all year long…cuz #everydayisvalentinesday!

The socks are even SWAK at the toe!



In a New York Minute

All I can say is that I didn’t go to New York City to sleep. And I didn’t.

I had a fabulous weekend in the city with two GREAT ladies Debbi (Cockeyed) and Susan (Etta Mae) and a GREAT yarn to sell, Blue Moon Fiber Arts.  Vogue Knitting Live was the first show I ever worked and beforehand, I had NO idea how exhausting is was…

First, the manual labor of setting up the booth and then the proud moment when you look at how pretty it is.

Then the influx of happy knitters and yarn lovers. The booth was packed with people.  We talked to a lot of people, some fans of BMFA andbrand new to the cult vice craze of beautiful colors Tina makes!

We had a few teacher visitors (the ones I was actually able to see when my head wasn’t buried in fiber): Cat Bordhi, Melissa Morgan-Oakes, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Debbie Macomber, Cookie A, The Savvy Girls, Merike Saarniit, Ann Hanson…and probably more that were lost in the crowd.

Just to make sure this was a balanced trip, we made full use of our spare time, Central Park, obligitory Today Show visit, theater, Times Square for souvenirs and long evenings laughing with new friends.
























Final impression of the show: One thing is clear; NY loves BMFA!

We had a blast and I’d do it again!

Stitches East 2010

I know, I know, Stitches East 2010 was weeks ago.  Well, to be honest it took me about that long to recover!  And life got in the way…but it was GREAT!  It was about friends and fiber and laughter…lots of each.

I had looked forward to the weekend for months knowing that Debbi  aka Cockeyed (R) and Carrie  aka IrishgirlieKnits (L) were comng all the way from the West Coast.  We’ve been long distance friends for years, having met through Sock Club and met at Sock Camp.   (Skype is ok but, it’s so much better to be together in person.)

I’d seen Erica  aka kzooerica (far L) (Kollage Yarns wondergirl) last year and couldn’t wait to see her and the Kollage pretties this year!

 Carrie was working with Erica at Kollage.  I waited to purchase my Irishgirlieknits patterns from Carrie in person.

(Yes, that’s the vest I whipped up quickly the week before Stitches. More on that next catchup-mustard post!)

 I spent most of my time with Debbi (the wonderful friend that she is) at the Blue Moon Fiber Arts booth (which was part of the WEBS setup.)

Debbi changed the world, one skein at a time.

Debbi posed with Debbie.  Yes, author Debbie Macomber walked away with a great skein of Socks That Rock.  Retroid, I think. (Debbie is really sweet and so is her great team too!)

THE Hot Item of the show for Blue Moon Fiber Arts was The Traveling Sweater, both pattern and yarn, oh the Woobu! It’s really a magic sweater because it looked great on everybody who tried it on, and there were hundreds who tried it on! Me included.  Some were happy that the small size fit or that the drape was sassy. I loved that it made me feel tall.

The last Traveling Sweater pattern and yarn of the show walked out the door at 10 am on Sunday with its proud new owner! 

The very late nights were too much to even try to explain.  Glee sing alongs, Barry Manilow cameos, salt n peppa, tweet alongs, faulty knitting, and not as much wine as you’d think…but let me give you this piece of advice, should you ever see these cookie/crackers, BUY them! They were the best BUTTA crackas evah!

It was a soul rejuvinating weekend with girlfriends.  I am blessed with wonderful friends.  Actual purchases were made.  I’ll have those for you tomorrow!

Imaginary Rhinebeck

So today, in between a flag football game (victory on to round 2 of the playoffs) and 2 soccer games (also victorious, holding first place in the division), my Imaginary Rhinebeck prize arrived in the mail.  (As a side note, hubster is intruiged with the whole sheep festival thing and I could see a family trip some year!)

Some Blue Moon Fiber Arts love.  Thanks Tina!  The colors are wonderful as usual!

I have a thing for Twisted! and plan to use this Briar Rose for some color work.  I cannot say enough about Twisted!  It is soft, wears like iron, is great to knit with and has such depth when dyed.  I love the darker twisted ply.

But the real surprise was the “True Blood” Red.  I was prepared to like it but never knew how deeply I’d fall.  I am a goner.  Total unrelenting unconditional love.  I can say with some degree of certainty that more of this color may come home with me from Stitches East!  This skein of Socks That Rock mediumweight is destined to be a gift for someone special.  It will be a pleasure to knit and hard to give away…which makes it the best kind of gift, the one you’d like to have yourself. 

Happy Rhinebeck Day to you too!   

Happy Birthday to Me


Lucky for me, my birthday coincided with the birth of new colors at Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Naturally, I couldn’t resist a few to celebrate! From left to right, lightweight STR in Mango Tango (a name I had suggested to Tina! A happy dance all by itself! ), mediumweight Pretty in Blue and Dilly Dilly, and a heavyweight encore of Mango Tango (destined for my STR blanket).

I love birthdays!

Do you treat yourself to something special?

My Day Off

Today, I had the day off.  I managed to sneak out of the house before my little one even woke up!  She never would have let me go without her if she knew I was going to Northampton!  (She just loves it there and keeps begging forr another family trip.)  I had a wonderful day with my girlfriend.  The only plan was to visit Webs Tent and Fleece Sale, have lunch and walk a lot.   (I love my LYS but I love the annual Webs trip too!)

Mission accomplished!  There was lots to look at and I actually managed to mostly stick to my plans. 

These little Wensleydale lambs were very talkative.

My blooming fiber-play experience was enhanced with some raw alpaca, natural tan and white, and Wensleydale, dyed midnight blue.  I’m pretty sure that Pat will help me play with these!

It should come as no surprise that my Blue Moon stash grew. 

That’s Socks that Rock heavyweight in Valkyrie (2), Jasper and Meet Brown, Joe.  A new fiber for me, Luscious Silk in ST-2.

For this season’s new summer sweater, Cece by Chic Knits, some Classic Silk in a really pretty blue with hints of purple, maybe it’s cornflower?

And with a special baby hat in mind, another new venture.   I couldn’t find the right colors and fortuitously ran into Gail, the Kangaroo Dyer.  She said I could easily dye my own and she ran off to find me the yarn to use.   Tina opened my eyes to the world of dying at sock camp last year and I am thoroughly intrigued.  Let’s see where this adventure leads! Hopefully to a cute hat!

The last item was a new case for my straight needles.  It’s a Lexi Barnes and matches my circular case.  I love it!

So that’s it.  If you saw what I put back, you’d agree that I was good!

We had a long walk around town along with lunch and ice cream.  It was just perfect! 

Hope you enjoyed this beautiful day too!

New Friends

I have 2 new friends.

Meet Octavia…

and lamby Whirlwind.

My partner in fiber, Pat, got us into the White Fish Bay Farm Fleece sale.  We split both of these pristine corriedale sheep fleeces.  I have spent the last few days with them and can’t wait to show you the results…tomorrow!

Also, some eye candy!

Souveniers from Sock Camp compliments of IrishgirlieknitsSTR in Boobie 1 lightweight and a gorgeous Rare Gem in mediumweight!  Thanks Carrie!

And a little BFL from FatCatKnits, ordered a while ago and happily added to the stash!

I have been knitting and am now off to finish a sock…

Happy Earth Day

I love this time of year.  All the dreariness of winter is erased by the green and red buds emerging on the trees and the early flowers in bloom.  Daffodils have to be one of my favorite flowers…all varieties.  Enjoy the beauty of the day!

In other news, the birthday girl broke a pinke last week during a little playground mishap.  A girl after my own heart, she chose the pink cast with purple sparkles. 

Until, that is, she tried to change the color of Mermaid Barbie in a sink of water.  The only thing that changed color was her cast! LOL

In knitting news, my Slip Jigs are finished and I love them.  Hats off to my friend, Irishgirlieknits, on a great pattern!

Yarn: Socks that Rock, mediumweight, in color My Wild Irishgirlie

Needles: Signature DPNs 2.5 mm

And in spinning news, I have another project under wraps.  This is Buster.  More soon!

What have you been up to?

Zoom Zoom

Things have gotten a little hectic around here but here are a few of the things keeping me busy.

1. A great basketball tournament last weekend, where my First Dribbler and her team were undefeated and won trophies! What a way to finish the season! Congrats on a great season and hard work!

2. The big “Autobahn” race for the Boy Scout Pack. Our scout had a great time making this with his dad and other 2 sisters while I was busy with 1. Have to give credit, Dad is a big reason that our Bug Driver loves and excels at all his cub scout activities. I drive to an occasional meeting, but otherwise, it’s a guy thing!

3. A little knitting:

This hat was a gift to my neighbor’s nephew.  He loved it and it looks great on the red-head!

Pattern: Turn A Square by Jared Flood

Yarn: Socks That Rock heavyweight in unnamed colorway. (90 grams approzimately) It’s a little more grey that I can get the pictures to show. Do You know what it is?

Finally, the shawl is finished!

Pattern: Ulmus by Kristen Kapur

Yarn: Socks That Rock mediumwight in Rook-y and Love-in-Idleness.

Can you tell where I ran out of yarn in the lace edging and started a new skein?  Didn’t think so!  Thanks Tina

All the project details can be found over on Ravelry.

4. Spring is in the air! So I need some better car knitting. Although I have a pretty new sock on the needle, I need a vanilla sock. It will be made out of this:

FatCat Knits merino 4 oz. Buster!  Can’t wait to spin this baby up!

5. A little stash enhancement from Stitches West!  My master enablers, Irishgirlieknits and Tapmouse,  are oh so thoughtful when shopping for me! Look at these pretties!

All Socks That Rock and from left, a medium Rare Gem (destined to be a Traveling Woman) and ValenTINA and a lightweight ValenScummy! Love Them!

I have a finished pair of socks, whose pictures need retaking, to show you next!  I wish I could show you the seamed gray sweater, but I can’t.  What is my block, the color or the seaming?  Because really, I love the pieces!  Do you get “stuck” ever?

Happy Spring!