Wait, Summer, Come Back!

I can’t believe it has been a month since my last post but summer just seems to be buzzing past! I have been zipping the kids all around and we even fit some family time in.  Here’s a quick picture tour of the last month!

I have lovingly been caring for my gardenia plants and now they are rewarding me!

I spent July focusing on the Tour de Fleece and had a wonderful time making these yarns.

Little knitting has happened with the exception of a little shawlette knit with my own handspun.  (more on that one later!) I have 2 projects that just need a nudge along, Cece sweater and the Aubrey vest.

I am still finishing up a few ounces of this wonderful Cashmere Silk!  I almost can’t believe I actually made such beautiful 3 ply luxury yarn!

And the kids…sailing in Newport, RI harbor, 

their very favorite Cape Cod mini golf course,

and Cape Cod boating views!

A family daytrip was spent  exploring the western part of Massachusetts.  Did you know that glacial potholes exist in Shelburne Falls?

Last but not least, a new baby needed a wee hat so this was a fun little dye and knit! 

Hope your summer has been as happy and fun-filled!


Colorful Pursuits

I just couldn’t find the right colors for the baby hat I wanted to make.  Timely encouragement by the Kangaroo Dyer sent me on the right path!

I had dyed only once before, last year at sock camp with Tina, and was timid to say the least.  But one little ball of yarn, split in two, couldn’t be that hard, right?

So my green and blue McCormack food coloring came out, along with this book and a few common household items.  I went back in my mind to dye class and decided to pretend Tina was right there with me.  And voila!

I did it!

I couldn’t wait to see it knit up.  I cast on as soon as the yarn was dry and 2 days later this!

There’s a little baby who will look adorable in this hat in the fall!

And these other baby knits will meet their baby in a few weeks.  The first-time mom was thrilled! 

Oh, how I love babies!