One Year Ago

My kids looked like this…

as we celebrated the wedding of my brother-in-law and new sister-in-law.  Happy First Anniversary John and Steph!  How time flies.  The kids look so much older even in just a year!

Which reminds me…it’s time to pick a picture for this year’s Christmas card.

So it begins…

PS. Thanks for all the great color comments! Very helpful!



Happy Thanksgiving to all.

I am most thankful today for my family, friends and health of all.

Not far behind those, I am thankful for my yarn and knitting that get me through the days.  Also thankful for this healthy lifestyle I have been living, though tonight my early Turkey Trot is catching up with me.

We are enjoying the rest of the evening with this crew.

Enjoy! Be a pilgrim.

Let the holidays begin!

PS. Happy Birthday to Erin, not mine but hers!

Almost Wish I Were There

My boys, big and little, went camping in Vermont with the Boy Scouts this weekend.  This is my boy using his compass in a game they were playing.  Doesn’t look like he could get too lost from there but it sure is beautiful.

Meanwhile, while cozy at home I finished my Lotus Blossom Hat.  I am happy to report, despite the lack of modeled pictures today, it does in fact fit.  I was worried it would be too small.  It is not and I love it.  You’ll have to take my word for it until I can get a photo in the daylight.

Giddy up Debbi!  My half of the KAL is finished.

What’s next?

PS. I hope you find your voice before the Thanksgiving break, Cyn!

Good Weekend, Goodnight

Sticking with my NaBloPoMo pledge and posting yet again.  Hope I am not boring you all to distraction with my life play by play.  But here goes:

A full weekend done, 4 happy, healthy kids almost all asleep, and I am just settling in for some down time.  Think it’s time for quality time with my Lotus Blossom Hat.


Basketball 3-0. Victory is sweet.  Let’s hope the season is as kind.

Sweater done and blocking.  In about 3 weeks time I think.  Better than 4 1/2 years for the last one.  I would put it on now with my pi’s if it weren’t wet.  That’s how much I like it.  (and I like that it is ALL done, every last end woven and a very tidy job on the finishing work.)

One lingering design project to be finished this week and 2 more ready to pop out of my head.  Hope nothing is lost in the translation.

And one reason to look forward to Monday.  A new KAL with Pat!  Here’s a peak:

Sweet dreams…



The Saturday Report

I am declaring today a success.  The team is 2-0 in their tournament.  They played 2 great games and outmatched one of their league arch-rivals.  They were very happy.  It’s only pre-season, but still a great indicator of the hard work paying off.

Caution: mother about to brag about her kid. You’ve been warned.  My daughter played great!  She was a force both offensively and defensively and was a huge contributor in both victories.  And, she scored 7 points.  Bonus!  Mom is proud!

Number 1 in team spirit.  Yes, that’s green hair.  It washed out with some effort but does stain the brush, which is currently a bit purple. (different team)

Patricia has one full repeat done.  I have all season if need be. I am not worried.  I get pretty wrapped up in the games and take some time at the scorer’s table too.

The sweater WILL be done by the close of business tonight.  Only 3 more color rows, 2 more decreases, and a collar.  Then the blocking process but that doesn’t count against it being finished.

How was your Saturday?

Fall Sports Round Up

Well, today marked the end of our Fall sports seasons.  Flag football, soccer and baseball. And by all accounts, successful and fun!  We are certainly busy but it’s better that way.

Second in the baseball season, champions of the flag football league, tops in the soccer league (2 kids on same team was a HUGE bonus!) and since I am a slacker at photographing games, all we have is sassy thing’s cartwheels even though she was an offensive force on the soccer field.

The kids all had great seasons and now we are on to basketball!

(Photo credits to Debbi’s awesome camera! Gotta get one of those. Except the team photo, iPhone quality.)

What’s keeping you busy?

I Know, It’s Been A While

But here is a condensed picture version…

East Coast Adventure with Debbi, including Rhinebeck, was just awesome.  See???

East Coast Adventure, part deux, including Stitches East, was just as awesome.  See?  Oh, yeah.  Too awesome to take any pictures.

October snow storm…not as awesome….

Halloween snowday…also not awesome.  But silver lining was a few hours of fun for the kids.  And blowing up balloons!

And then Halloween…we had a blast, snow and all.  Despite my grumbling about a snowy Halloween, I thought the snow added an extra level of festive appeal.

Oh, and actual knitting has occurred during all this time.  I am going to actively play catchup this month so…

Stay tuned…

We Now Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Summer is fading and I am eagerly anticipating a return to more productive knitting, spinning and designing.

This helps.

First day of middle school

First day back to elementary school

And even this helps:

That’s me!  I completed a triathlon last weekend and had been training  a bit.  It was a 1/2 miles swim, 12 mile bike and 3 mile run.  I had a goal in mind that I am happy to say I beat.  I did well enough that I really surprised myself and find my thoughts wandering to next summer’s triathlon.  If you have never done one, a sprint triathlon is very doable.  I encourage you to Give it a TRI!

And now, back to the needles!  I have a fall design I am finishing up and a sock that needs a mate.

What are you up to?