Spring has come early in our neck of the woods.  The kids are in shorts and the jackets are off and, look what’s peaking outside…

Hydrangea Buds
Taken with my iPhone 4S

Also, a quick baby sweater flew off the needles.  I have already cast on for his twin sister!  (I am knitting these for a knitter whose eyes now prevent her from knitting…can’t even imagine that!!)

Baby Tunics

And I have a major hankering to spin something…


Blue Moon Fiber Arts ST-2 in Mulberry Silk/Superfine Merino

or this?

Fat Cat Mixed Blessings BFL

Happy Spring!!


The Spinning of Sock Camp

There was lots of spinning at Sock Camp. And not just of the the fibery kind.

But first we interrupt this broadcsat to bring you the following public service announcement:  Today marks the release of Clue 2 in the Spring Blooms Mystery Sock KAL.  Check it out over on Ravelry and join in the fun.

download now

So, spinning…

There was the kind on spindles, where Debbi, aka Cockeyed, made new spinners (sucked them in good! and you thought vampires were contagious, Erica! HA!):

And there were other spinners like Stormy making new spinners like Mya:

And there was the kind where Anna Zilboorg made spinners on the spinning wheel (like Irishgirlie Carrie, already a spindle spinner, now on the wheel!):

And there was Stephanie making quasi-spinners where you really don’t have to spin but can make yarn anyhow!  (LOVED this!):

And there were these kind of spinners:

‘Nuff said.

Knit on Honeybadgers. Knit on.

The Magnificent Knit-along

This knit-along was destined for greatness, with a pattern from the book named Magnificent Mittens. 

Pat, Linda and I had a blast.  We began trying to use stash yarn, which we all did to some extent.  (Pat’s mittens have the red/gray hand, Linda’s have yellow/blue hands and mine are the blue/green)  We set sections to knit and frequent meet ups to check in. 

The only variations were the cast off edgings we chose.  The different color combinations alone make these mittens so unique!

We are all lining with 100% angora to insure the mittens are as magnificent on the inside as they are on the outside!  I love these mittens!

Here is a better picture of my second mittens from Anna Zilboorg’s book.  My handspun is coming out quite nice if I do say so myself.

And, as I already confessed, I can’t stop.  It’s not time for a hat on my runs and walks but I do find myself in need of a headband!

Should keep me busy for this long Columbus Day weekend. 

Have a great weekend, whatever you do! 🙂

I Feel a New Trend

C O L O R W O R K .

When I started to knit I jumped right into colorwork.  Icelandic wool sweaters to be exact.  I have fallen for it all over again with these mittens.  I started a knit along with friends Pat and Linda and we’ve been meeting weekly to show progress and set goals (that are hard to stop at!)  They still await a good bath and then an angora lining…almost makes me wish for cold weather.  My hubster even liked them, perhaps as much as he has liked any project I’ve made!

Also, finished up a whack of fiber!  This Spirit Trails Fiberworks cashmere silk (50%/50%) in the club color Air was dreamy!  The only reason it took so long is that there was so much of it! (and still a little left to spin to use up extra uneven plies).  But it is 5.7 ounces of heaven.

Starting a new pair of take along socks.  My first handspun socks from the Fat Cat Knits Buster fiber that I spun a while ago.  They are fun already!

The change in weather, and the kids back at school, certainly boost my knitting mojo!  How about you?

  Happy Fall Fibery Fun!

Wait, Summer, Come Back!

I can’t believe it has been a month since my last post but summer just seems to be buzzing past! I have been zipping the kids all around and we even fit some family time in.  Here’s a quick picture tour of the last month!

I have lovingly been caring for my gardenia plants and now they are rewarding me!

I spent July focusing on the Tour de Fleece and had a wonderful time making these yarns.

Little knitting has happened with the exception of a little shawlette knit with my own handspun.  (more on that one later!) I have 2 projects that just need a nudge along, Cece sweater and the Aubrey vest.

I am still finishing up a few ounces of this wonderful Cashmere Silk!  I almost can’t believe I actually made such beautiful 3 ply luxury yarn!

And the kids…sailing in Newport, RI harbor, 

their very favorite Cape Cod mini golf course,

and Cape Cod boating views!

A family daytrip was spent  exploring the western part of Massachusetts.  Did you know that glacial potholes exist in Shelburne Falls?

Last but not least, a new baby needed a wee hat so this was a fun little dye and knit! 

Hope your summer has been as happy and fun-filled!

An Unexpected Visitor

File this one under fringe benefits of Rocking Sock Club or “knitting makes good friends”.

 We’ve been internet friends about 4 years and met in person a year ago at Sock Camp.  But about two weeks ago, I was talking to my friend Tapmouse, who lives clear across the country in San Fransisco, when she indicated whe might be coming East to visit family.  Then I heard nothing for about four days.  A quick text and lo and behold, she was entering Massachusetts after a quick drive across the country!

We managed two awesome visits during her stay and created friendships between her Lil Emperor and my 4 kids.  The first visit took place at Kimball Farm, where (after we played show and tell with the knitting we’d brought along) we rode bumper boats…

played mini golf…

and ate ridiculously large and delicious ice creams!

We finished up at my All Star baseball player’s game and dined on pizza.  We played with fiber and I showed her my stash.  Our men each delared that they housed the largest yarn collections and were confident that we never needed any more yarn!!  Being deep in the Tour de Fleece, we gifted each other with a little fibery presents!

Here’s mine, 2 ounces of 100% Targhee, which I’d never spun before, dyed by A Verb for Keeping Warm in the granite colorway.

I had spinning plans but just couldn’t wait to spin this one up!

It’s about 160 yards of light worsted yarn and has a wonderful future as probably a hat for my boy.

We managed one last visit over boxes of whoopie pies and pasteries…

where she gifted me this cool necklace she got during her travels from darkflowerbeads.   Tapmouse smartly packed light on knitting, sensing souvenier yarn in her future, but came without any spinning supplies.  It only took me a few days to remember to send her to nearby Journey Wheels, the home of Bosworth spindles.  So she did some shopping for me too!  It’s a mini Purpleheart, 22 gm/.77 oz.

 We had a wonderful morning chatting and spinning (what a spindle spinner she is!) on my deck over coffee…

…before we said “so long, see you at Sock Camp”. 

Last I heard, Lil Emp was on his way to see the Statue of Liberty and Leslie was half way to a pair of socks with some souvenier yarn!

It was a great visit!  Hey, Leslie…drop in anytime!!

Tour de Fleece Progress


So far so good. I have spun pretty fiber every day of the Tour and have a few things to show for it!

From left to right that’s 500 yards fat cat superwash merino 2-ply in like 2010 summer club colorway, a fun and interesting spin.  The gorgeous purple in the middle is 70% merino 30% silk Ashland Bay Concord colorway.  This 300 yards of 3-ply was a birthday gift from my dear frind cockeyed.  And my next adventure is 8 oz of 50\50 cashemere silk from the Spirit Trails luxury fiber club. I chose the color Air and just love it!

I have also taken my spindles out and have 2 small projects I am finishing up there.  Some people in my house are distracted by my wheel humming while we watch the golf tournaments. Huh, go figure!

Also, I managed to finish a pair of socks of my own design.  I am writing the patttern up and will show those soon!

How is your summer knitting and spinning going?

Summer is Here!

I was extremely busy with the kids at the end of the school year. Now the summertime schedule is in full swing…pools being the main attraction. Need some mindless knitting so I am finishing up a new sock design and my Aubrey vest. No updated pictures yet.

The most fun news is about my friend Pat’s vacation…in Alaska! This is Ingrid. She was just combed yesterday and Pat’s bringing back fiber for us to play with!