I Knew It

Just like potato chips.  Can’t make just one!  Irresistible!  And quick!  The yarn is cloudlike!

The model is Ginger, my DD1’s first stufffed animal.  Ginger was, unbelievably, larger than my first craftster for the first few months!

Pattern: Baby Bolero by Leigh Radford from the book One Skein

Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton, color 80, just a beautiful creamy white (destashed from Irishgirlieknits even!)

Needle: Addi Click size 8

Mods: used only one size needle, kitchnered the shoulders, picked up for te sleeves and knit down.  Minimal finishing and no bulky seams for babe!

This one is for my little one’s kindergarten teacher’s first baby, a girl!  The second one is already on the needles!  Oh, instant gratification with only a day to knit!

Blocking now for the second time.  First effort was STIFF and cardboard-like.  I may throw it in the dryer for a few minutes.  Is there any reason I shouldn’t?

More eye candy:

Tomorrow I’ll show you what these became!


Like Potato Chips

 I am not sure if it’s the bolero or the baby inside that make this so cute.  I feel an urge.  I may have to make more than one of these uber-cute baby boleros!

And, here’s a sneak peak at my secret project.

Stay tuned…