Signed, Sealed, Delivered

I have happily delivered to the winner of my 1st blog contest a future pair of socks.  It turns out the the winner, aka LadyDiRich on Ravelry, lives in my town, though we have never met.  (Coincidentally, her son coached my DD1 in soccer last fall.)

After stash diving and a few options, Diane chose this lovely set which awaits her when she returns from a long day at work.

It is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Mediumweight in the colorway Peek-a-boo Peony.  One of my favorites!

I can’t wait to see it as Socks, With Love!

Enjoy Diane!  Happy knitting!



Purple is a special color.  I love purple.  It has many special meanings in my life.  This month the color of love for me isn’t red but purple!

I have talked before about being in a color rut and this is one I relish!

My middle daughter made me these earrings this week knowing my love of purple.

My current project is with a pretty purple dyed especially for me by Knitted Wit!

As promised, I am announcing the results of my first blog contest!

The lucky winner is….Diane! (emailed with the news!)

Congrats Diane and thanks to all for playing and reading along!

Enjoy your night at the Oscars!


My Valentine To You

Valentine’s Week is coming to a close now.  I thought to celebrate I would have my first blog contest.

I am going to give away one of my sock patterns, either Northampton Beat Socks or Socks, With Love and a skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock (light or medium depending on pattern).

To enter, just tell me the best part of your Valentine’s Week.  I could use a few good stories.   I’ll pick a random winner at the end of the week!

Have a great week!  Kids are on school vacation so it’ll be a crazy one here!