I am a Knitter

I am a Knitter, with a capital K.  Because of this, there are certain things that excite me, like new yarn and needles and projects.

I hit the trifecta here!

New yarn, Miss Babs Northumbria Aran in Luna Granite, for a new design, hence the swatch.  I love this new-ish yarn!  It has a great hand and the BFL is so soft!  I really like this one and am sure that this won’t be our only meeting!

And no project is complete without tools.  New needles!  I had to try WEBS’ new needle line, Knitter’s Pride.

While I love the points of the Nova and the cord (I’d put it in between Addi and Signature in terms of flex, just perfect IMHO) and I know I will enjoy knitting with them since I am usually a metal needle gal, the Dreamz dpn’s are blowing me away.  I really LOVE the Dreamz.  They feel awesome!  They could lure me away from metal, they are that nice.

More Dreamz in my future.

Off to actually knit with them now!  Design will be revealed very shortly!

Knit on!