Happy Memorial Day

Memorial Day is one of my favorite holidays. The obvious reasons are only augmented by the unofficial start of summer and that means a lot of outdoor time.

The time spent indoors ( more basketball and not complaining) was more than made up for by the great finds outside on bike rides and dog walking excursions.

The endangered Lady Slipper (which I may have picked once as a youngster):


The crowd favorite, baby snapping turtle:



The poisonous water moccasin (on my walk with Dixie and right on the child filled street):


The last reason I love Memorial Day is that it is now time to wear white!


Wear white and have a happy summer!

Happy Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
It was a good day here. All the preparations were worthwhile. I loved that all the family members ate heartily and genuinely had a great day.

The centerpiece of the day was the turkey. Cockeyed turned me on to Martha Stewart’s Turkey 101 recipe. Delish!

Hope you had a great day! I’ll be resting with a new project tonight and a cup of tea.