Summer is Here!

I was extremely busy with the kids at the end of the school year. Now the summertime schedule is in full swing…pools being the main attraction. Need some mindless knitting so I am finishing up a new sock design and my Aubrey vest. No updated pictures yet.

The most fun news is about my friend Pat’s vacation…in Alaska! This is Ingrid. She was just combed yesterday and Pat’s bringing back fiber for us to play with!



Patience Rewarded

Yours and mine! 

And the kids’ too.  (three out of four anyways)  While I thought the best part of visiting the Mill was the fiber, the kids liked the animals outside.  Sheep, llamas, chickens and probably more that I just don’t know about.

But here is my best part…my first fleece to fiber…

There’s 4 lb of cream Suri/Merino (80/20), just over a pound of dark, dark brown Baby Alpaca (from Tootsie Roll) and 4 lb of grey Alpaca/Merino (80/20).  There’s another big ball of merino in the photo on the upper right corner because I fell in love with their creamy merino.

There of course had to be a small souvenier yarn purchase too.

Three colors of Fair Isle Fever,  (green and blue are 90% merino, brown 90% corriedale / 10% Samoyed).  The halo is gorgeous!  While I had planned on cashmere, these colors grabbed me and shouted KNIT ME some colorwork!

I may only complete one of my Ravelympic events because of the distraction.  I am nearing the edging of Ulmus and am excited at the prospect of the finished shawl.

I have played with some of the fiber made yarn and even planned a project!  Can you guess what it is?

Another Interruption

It all started innocently enough.  A simple trip to Davis Farmland for the 2 girls, both the youngest of 4, whose mothers were feeling they’d been cheated out of some of the adventures the older kids had done MANY times in earlier years.

Tell me you could resist these three?  My little one in blue, her buddy and their newest companion, Tootsie Roll. 

Then, a simple inquiry from the new spindle spinner, “what did you do with Tootsie’s fleece?”  while thinking “I could make these two girls each a cute Tootsie Roll bear”.  And lo and behold, I not only owned Tootsie’s fleece but also Opal’s (Huacaya alpaca) and Pearl’s (Suri alpaca).

Fast forward from Spring to Fall 2009, I knew a spinning wheel was in my near future and I found Still River Mill, only an hour from my house.  I dropped off the fleece after washing 2 myself and left the rest up to Deirdre and Greg, the mill owners.  I got the call this week that my fiber was ready and scurried down to Connecticut to retrieve it!  Last day of February vacation and a field trip for the kids to the mill.  Should be fun, right?

The Still River Mill

Come back tomorrow for the rest of the trip…I have to catch up on my Olympic Knitting.   My medals are in jeopardy!