One Year Ago

My kids looked like this…

as we celebrated the wedding of my brother-in-law and new sister-in-law.  Happy First Anniversary John and Steph!  How time flies.  The kids look so much older even in just a year!

Which reminds me…it’s time to pick a picture for this year’s Christmas card.

So it begins…

PS. Thanks for all the great color comments! Very helpful!

Super Snack Monday

Let’s face it. Nobody likes Mondays. So, at the beginning of the school year I instituted Super Snack Monday. It works. It takes the edge off for everyone And distracts the kids from bothering each other at the end of a tiring day.

Welcome to today’s installment.


Blowing Bubbles

I thought I would share a few of the fun photos I took for my new Bubblicious Socks pattern.

My youngest just couldn’t wait to play with all the bubble toys.  We tried them all!





My son waited as long as he could restrain himself before joining us to show us how to blow bubbles.  We must have been doing it wrong?




But the best part was probably the Silly String that made it’s way into the bag of fun!




Then the novelty wore off.  I only had to explain why I was blowing bubbles by myself to a few neighbors.  Eventually, they’ll stop asking.  Hehe.

And while not blowing bubbles or sobbing that I am not at Sock Summit 2011 with my BFFs Debbi  and Carrie aka IrishgirlieKnits this week, I am participating in Kollage Yarns Virtual Sock Summit. (it’s here on Ravelry).

I’ll be knitting my Cotuit Sands Infinity Cowl out of Kollage Yarns Riveting in Storm Denim (serious love for this color) and a pair of Sock-a-licious Bubblicious Socks.  (I wish I could capture the true color of this red, it’s a bit orange-y and totally stunning.)  Nartian is joining me on this one!

What are you knitting at Sock Summit or Virtual Sock Summit?

Zoom Zoom

Things have gotten a little hectic around here but here are a few of the things keeping me busy.

1. A great basketball tournament last weekend, where my First Dribbler and her team were undefeated and won trophies! What a way to finish the season! Congrats on a great season and hard work!

2. The big “Autobahn” race for the Boy Scout Pack. Our scout had a great time making this with his dad and other 2 sisters while I was busy with 1. Have to give credit, Dad is a big reason that our Bug Driver loves and excels at all his cub scout activities. I drive to an occasional meeting, but otherwise, it’s a guy thing!

3. A little knitting:

This hat was a gift to my neighbor’s nephew.  He loved it and it looks great on the red-head!

Pattern: Turn A Square by Jared Flood

Yarn: Socks That Rock heavyweight in unnamed colorway. (90 grams approzimately) It’s a little more grey that I can get the pictures to show. Do You know what it is?

Finally, the shawl is finished!

Pattern: Ulmus by Kristen Kapur

Yarn: Socks That Rock mediumwight in Rook-y and Love-in-Idleness.

Can you tell where I ran out of yarn in the lace edging and started a new skein?  Didn’t think so!  Thanks Tina

All the project details can be found over on Ravelry.

4. Spring is in the air! So I need some better car knitting. Although I have a pretty new sock on the needle, I need a vanilla sock. It will be made out of this:

FatCat Knits merino 4 oz. Buster!  Can’t wait to spin this baby up!

5. A little stash enhancement from Stitches West!  My master enablers, Irishgirlieknits and Tapmouse,  are oh so thoughtful when shopping for me! Look at these pretties!

All Socks That Rock and from left, a medium Rare Gem (destined to be a Traveling Woman) and ValenTINA and a lightweight ValenScummy! Love Them!

I have a finished pair of socks, whose pictures need retaking, to show you next!  I wish I could show you the seamed gray sweater, but I can’t.  What is my block, the color or the seaming?  Because really, I love the pieces!  Do you get “stuck” ever?

Happy Spring!

Patience Rewarded

Yours and mine! 

And the kids’ too.  (three out of four anyways)  While I thought the best part of visiting the Mill was the fiber, the kids liked the animals outside.  Sheep, llamas, chickens and probably more that I just don’t know about.

But here is my best part…my first fleece to fiber…

There’s 4 lb of cream Suri/Merino (80/20), just over a pound of dark, dark brown Baby Alpaca (from Tootsie Roll) and 4 lb of grey Alpaca/Merino (80/20).  There’s another big ball of merino in the photo on the upper right corner because I fell in love with their creamy merino.

There of course had to be a small souvenier yarn purchase too.

Three colors of Fair Isle Fever,  (green and blue are 90% merino, brown 90% corriedale / 10% Samoyed).  The halo is gorgeous!  While I had planned on cashmere, these colors grabbed me and shouted KNIT ME some colorwork!

I may only complete one of my Ravelympic events because of the distraction.  I am nearing the edging of Ulmus and am excited at the prospect of the finished shawl.

I have played with some of the fiber made yarn and even planned a project!  Can you guess what it is?

Busy Weekends

Today was one of those days…we knew they were coming with four kids.  Four kids with four different places to be.  A friend took one to a birthday party.  The grandparents took another to a college basketball game.  That left 2 others for the parents. 

I was off to a basketball game with dd1.  An exciting game where she scored a point, her second of the season, and continued her awesome defense.

DH got the longer day at a gymnastics meet a few hours away.  The gymnast before the meet…

…and after…

It’s all worth it if at the end of the weekend you end up with smiles like these!  By the way, that’s a first place medal on beam and second on bars! I am so proud! (DH said she was so nervous before the meet she was shaking. What a recovery!)

And, I fell in love with some yarn and patterns over the weekend.  The Rocking Sock Club 2010 has begun!  Love this “Happy Go Lucky” color! Can’t wait to knit me some bobbles!

What did you do this weekend?