Mood Enhancement

There is nothing to lift a mood around this house like a long holiday weekend.

We have all the fixings for 3 days of grillin’.  We have surf and we have turf.  The deck is certainly where the action will be this weekend.  As I blog from the perfectly temperate spot right now I wish I could share my gardenias and their fragrant blooms with you.  Only a picture though.

I bought these last year and wintered them inside, nearly killing them.  I am continuing to love them and they have rewarded me.

While I may not have talked to the plants, I did knit by them many an evening and have this beauty to show for it.  Miss Babs Yummy was wonderful to knit with and I love how my Marrowstone looks (details here).  We had a great KAL and look forward to another one in the future 😉 .

I am working away on my next design, just about finished.  The Riveting has been a great yarn for this week with the warmer temperatures finally settling in!

Already looking ahead to next week, my next project is another version of the Cotuit Sands Scarf in Miss Babs Yet in the color Beach Glass.  How could I resist that? Sands…beach…get it…

Hope you have a great holiday weekend!  Happy Fourth of July!

Cheers, from the deck…


From My Perspective

I love warm evenings like this one.  Here’s how I’ll be rolling till either the mosquitos find me or I can no longer see my knitting.  Then I will join the Red Sox and Bruins faithful inside.
Enjoy your evening!


Stolen Moments

Here’s how it goes…I did what I had to do and now I get to reward myself with what I want to do!

And this is what it looks like:

1. Playing with swatches and Kollage’s Riveting…the new Worsted Riveting is coming soon and was really fun to knit.  I threw the swatch in with the laundry last night so it was fun to see/feel it this morning out of the dryer! I like it!

2. Try to get a few repeats done on my Miss Bab’s Marrowstone KAL.  Loving the color and feel of the border as it grows.  Yummy really is yummy!

3. Perusing my 2 new books.  The patterns are great and I am getting lost in the Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook.  Learning about different fibers intrigues me and always has.  Check it out.  It can only make you more aware of the materials you are working with!

I love my solitude on the deck!  (Check out the pollen though, YUCK!)

Hope you have a great week!

Marrowstone for All Seasons

…or Ask Me How I Know

Since the Marrowstone Shawl Summer Knit A Long with Miss Babs Yarns is starting on June 1st, I thought I would share a few helpful hints on the pattern.  File these under “Ask Me How I Know.”   Even though I designed the pattern, it doesn’t mean I escape the pitfalls of operator error.

1. Cast on loosely.  Marrowstone needs to be blocked to open up the lace.  If the cast on edge, although untraditional, is too tight, the shape of the shawl will be affected.

2. As the instructions state, slip the first stitch of every row with the yarn in front.  Then, bring the yarn between the first stitch on the right needle and next stitch on the left needle to begin the next knit stitch.  This will create a nice edge with enough give for the blocking process.  Also, it creates a beautiful finished edge.

3. On the edging, remember to knit the last 2 stitches on the wrong side rows.  If you accidentally purl the entire row and don’t catch yourself, you will end up with a problem come time to pick up the stitches for the body of the shawl.  The straight edge created will show on the front of the shawl as a design element of the shawl.  (This is the part where I reknit nearly all of the edging repeats.)

4. The edging becomes easy to read.  Learn to read your knitting after a few repeats without relying on the pattern.  You can do it.

5. If you are tired, put it down for the night.  That’s where my knitting mistakes ALL happened!

The yarn I chose is Miss Babs “Yummy” 2 ply in the color Light Clematis. I am really excited for the Knit A Long!

Won’t you join us?

Something Finished, Something New

It will be a week of rain here in my neck of the woods.  I promise not to bog you down with my dreary days so if you stay around until the end of the post, you can see what a good day looks like.

Quality indoor photos of a finished pair of socks! (add sarcasm)  I started these on the way to Sock Camp in March and am wearing them for the first time today (cuz it’s rainy and cold…hullo… May, where are you?!)

Yarn: Blue Moon FIber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight

in the lovely Rabia colorway

Pattern: Northampton Beat Socks (yes, mine!)  (full details here on Ravelry)

Since I published Marrowstone last week (thank you for all the nice comments and lovin), I have been readying the next design.  Here it is!

Believe me when I say wet blocking is a miracle tool in a knitter’s arsenal.  I am putting the finishing touches on the pattern of this summer scarf and it is almost ready for a test drive.  Any takers?  Email me if you’d like more info…

And now for the beauty shot of the day:

I only wish you could smell these lilacs.  Despite the rain and mist, these are the highlight of my daily walk. And they may live on my table now too!

Hope you have a great week, rain or no rain!