The Magnificent Knit-along

This knit-along was destined for greatness, with a pattern from the book named Magnificent Mittens. 

Pat, Linda and I had a blast.  We began trying to use stash yarn, which we all did to some extent.  (Pat’s mittens have the red/gray hand, Linda’s have yellow/blue hands and mine are the blue/green)  We set sections to knit and frequent meet ups to check in. 

The only variations were the cast off edgings we chose.  The different color combinations alone make these mittens so unique!

We are all lining with 100% angora to insure the mittens are as magnificent on the inside as they are on the outside!  I love these mittens!

Here is a better picture of my second mittens from Anna Zilboorg’s book.  My handspun is coming out quite nice if I do say so myself.

And, as I already confessed, I can’t stop.  It’s not time for a hat on my runs and walks but I do find myself in need of a headband!

Should keep me busy for this long Columbus Day weekend. 

Have a great weekend, whatever you do! 🙂


I Can’t Stop Myself


After the fun of the last pair of mittens, I am enjoying these almost as much!  These are handspun alpaca silk (70%/30%) from Fat Cat Knits fiber club earlier this year. Again Pat and I are going it together but she has reversed the colors. 

I have already planned my next 2 pairs of “Magnificent Mittens”!  Many thanks Anna Zilboorg for the inspiring patterns.

I am thinking that magnificent mittens might make the winter much more tolerable.  Won’t you join me?

I Feel a New Trend

C O L O R W O R K .

When I started to knit I jumped right into colorwork.  Icelandic wool sweaters to be exact.  I have fallen for it all over again with these mittens.  I started a knit along with friends Pat and Linda and we’ve been meeting weekly to show progress and set goals (that are hard to stop at!)  They still await a good bath and then an angora lining…almost makes me wish for cold weather.  My hubster even liked them, perhaps as much as he has liked any project I’ve made!

Also, finished up a whack of fiber!  This Spirit Trails Fiberworks cashmere silk (50%/50%) in the club color Air was dreamy!  The only reason it took so long is that there was so much of it! (and still a little left to spin to use up extra uneven plies).  But it is 5.7 ounces of heaven.

Starting a new pair of take along socks.  My first handspun socks from the Fat Cat Knits Buster fiber that I spun a while ago.  They are fun already!

The change in weather, and the kids back at school, certainly boost my knitting mojo!  How about you?

  Happy Fall Fibery Fun!

We Interrupt…

this regularly scheduled Knitting Olympics to bring you this special announcement…

The fiddleheads mittens are done!

And I love them.  Just love them!  One of my favorite projects and not a moment too soon.  This winter is cold and seemingly endless!

Pattern: Fiddlehead Mittens (details on Ravelry)

Needles:  Outer Mitten: Size 4 Addi Clicks, 40 inch for magic loop and Lining:  Size 3 Darn Pretty Needles, Double Points

Yarn: Cascade 220 and Rowan Kidsilk Haze for the lining

Size: Medium

Mods: none except knit the lining with only a single strand of Kidsilk

Gotta run, off to the Knitting Olympics!

One last thing, Happpy Valentine’s Day!

The Glass is Half Full…

That’s how I like to look at things. So despite the fact that I got sidetracked by phone envy for a week, my research is done and my new phone is in hand.

It’s the Spring Moment and for the moment, I really like it!  Took 2 tries to get one that didn’t have a mind of it’s own but it is fun.  I needed a calendar at my fingertips and was hankering for a browser for my on the go afternoons.   Oh, and it syncs to my computer and new google account!  How cool!  What can I say?  I like a gadget.  Pretty good for a “just a mom”.  (I used to hate it when people would say that after I made that career change!!! grrrr! Oh and at the OB, they had me listed as unemployed! That frosted me!)

But since I prefer to be half full, here goes. 

My left hand and foot are warm and I am working slowly on the right side.

That’s the Merrily sock , designed by Irishgirlieknits, knit in STR rare gem that I showed the sole of earlier.  (The pattern is now released so here it is!)  And one really warm Fiddlehead that I am quite smitten with.  Hehe, smitten with a mitten.

And if that’s not enough, I have spun half of a 2 ply creamy merino!  2 and a half ounces or so.

There’s much more to catch up on.  Some fiber exploration is well under way.  My partner in fiber, Pat,  and I have been acquiring and trying out different types of fiber and have been having fun with it!  Take a look at what we just got!

Lots to keep busy with!   What about you?

Oh, Fiddlesticks

Aren’t they pretty?!  It’s the Fiddlehead Mittens from Hello Yarns.  We started a KAL at our LYS and I went stash diving!

The yarn is Cascade 220 mostly heathers, will post the details all later.  My colorwork is rusty and leaves something to be desired but, boy, I love getting to the next color!  They are fun!  And my size 4 addi click is doing the job just fine!

My friend Pat is a color whiz and my inspiration.  You should check out her projects…