Just Wondering

Do you usually notice a person’s new haircut?  I live with 5 other people and none noticed my new do.  It is similar but shorter and the former grey streak in the center may be gone.

What is the normal delay time in your house?  I think I will count the days just for giggles.

Oh, and I started my Polar Chullo and finished my latest Patricia in Flicker.  Pictures tomorrow…

Progress and Indecision

I made a deal with myself.

I will work on my plain mawata mittens (BMFA I Mad Heart Ewe)

and then, I will begin my next color work (and first Christmas present) project when they are finished.

Of course there are other must completes on the needles so I have time but need your help.  The pattern is the Polar Chullo hat from the Twist Collective

Photo by Caro Benna Sheridan  from the Twist Collective

 and here is the yarn:

The question is which blue to choose.  I am substituting one of these three blues for the dark grey on top.

What do you think?


Happy Thanksgiving to all.

I am most thankful today for my family, friends and health of all.

Not far behind those, I am thankful for my yarn and knitting that get me through the days.  Also thankful for this healthy lifestyle I have been living, though tonight my early Turkey Trot is catching up with me.

We are enjoying the rest of the evening with this crew.

Enjoy! Be a pilgrim.

Let the holidays begin!

PS. Happy Birthday to Erin, not mine but hers!

Lopi Week

I now declare the rest of the week Lopi Week.  I will wear my new Lopi sweater and maybe my old Lopi sweater all week.  Girl crush on Lopi.








It all started in the Fall of ’83 when I moved into my college dorm.  As soon as I met the older girls on the hall, I just knew I wanted in on the fun.  A girl named Laura operated a little yarn business right out of her room and she had all the fixings for icelandic wool sweaters.  So, I learned how to knit as I went along.  I had no idea that making an icelandic wool sweater was an outrageous first project.  As any 18 year old, I was fearless.  My parents were thrilled the first time I came home from my private college with my newly acquired knitting skills!

And now the cranberry sweater (a bit tight with its tad tight gauge) has been worn by not only me but also 2 of my 4 children.  Looking at it now, I can see the many lessons I have learned since, like gauge, weaving in ends, stranding loosely, casting on and binding off loosely, grafting and I am sure others like pattern reading, sizing and choosing colors.

The brown lopi was actually my third sweater that year, but the second, a black, grey and teal is in a bin awaiting mending after an unfortunate run in with moths several years back.  I wear this brown one every year and have had a hankering for a new lopi sweater for several years.  I have collected and researched patterns but had never chosen one until this fall.

The stars must have aligned themselves.  The pattern was a no brainer.  I had the Best of Lopi book and had long admired Sigridur.  Then, Debbi and I had a great visit to WEBS the day before the Rhinebeck trip.  Steve must have known of my Lopi hankering as he had a shelf full of closeout Lopi in just my colors.  (I think he was happy I made off with so many!)

And really, almost like magic, I had a lopi sweater!  I knit it on the soccer sidelines this year and will proudly wear it there next year.  But first I will proudly and warmly wear it this week.

Rumor has it there may be similar lopi crushes across the country?  Anyone?

The Proof is in the Pudding

…or on the head…so here it is, my Lotus Blossom Hat.  Look Ma, no hands!  It fits!!!

I had a severe panic attack that I was making a tiny person hat and had reconciled myself to the fact that I was going to make a second hat to fit me, utilizing all my knitterly tools, like gauge and different needle sizes.  But alas, my other knitterly tool, BLOCKING, came through for me.  Actually without too much fuss either.  The yarn blocked out nicely after a soak with only minor shaping and certainly no tugging, pulling or pinning.  I enjoyed this Green Mountain Spinnery Simply Fine and would certainly use it again.  The mohair/merino blend is soft and sturdy and the low-twist 2-ply was a pleasure to knit.

Taking a self portrait of the top of one’s head is harder than it looks.

I used a size 2.25 mm needle for the hat (and 2.0 mm for the liner) and initially got gauge, or so I thought.  No worries any more though.  I am actually considering another Lotus Blossom using a different contrast color.  I anticipate a struggle for the possession of the hat since my girls thought this hat was heading their way.

And in case you were wondering, super-snack-Monday is brought to you by the food group Junk.  The kids will have enough homemade treats this week so I don’t even feel guilty!

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Alma Mater

I love my college and I have for as long as I can remember.  The College of the Holy Cross is just a beautiful place to visit too!

As an active alum, I had the pleasure of spending the morning at the college on the hill and wanted to share a few of the beautiful sites with you.

Hope some of you are out celebrating your alma maters today too!


Thought I’d give a quick update.

The hat that is supposed to be done today with Debbbi and our West/East KAL is almost done.  There is a story though…

And the mawata mittens, in addition to having a story, are moving along.  I didn’t like my rookie start so I decided to make a turning row and a  cuff.  Voila!  So now these are coming along.

And finally, I am excited about my new holiday stitch markers.  Laura is amazing and these stitch markers are so much fun!

How are your projects coming?