Bicoastal Knit-along

Curve ball. You thought today was going to be about the new sweater but it’s not.  (But all good things come to those who wait so be patient.)

Rhinebeck was a lot of things.  I had been once before but it was Debbi‘s rookie season.  She handled it like the yarny pro that she is.  We were both pretty judicious about what we bought and that had nothing to do with the visit a day earlier to WEBS.  (Another story for another blog post.)

Debbi fell in love with a hat called Lotus Blossom at the Green Mountain Spinnery booth.   Because she is my friend and I like everything she likes, we both bought yarn for the hat and are knitting along together.  Well mostly together.  Due to an operator error (explained here), Debbi had to restart and I may have edged ahead.  I paused and  worked on the sweater a bit while Debbi waited for her box of goodness that she shipped back from her East Coast escapades.

The yarn is Green Mountain Spinnery Simply Fine (a light fingering 60/40 wool/mohair blend).  We are using a natural with a hand painted in shades from red to orange to yellow.  It is going to be awesome.  I can’t wait to wear it on my walks all winter!

(The yarn cozies are from Buffy Ann Designs and are my new favorite knitting accessories and the markers are Knitifacts, of course.)

We are having fun and promise to keep you posted.  This KAL is set to expire in 2 weeks, November 18th.

You heard it here.


I Know, It’s Been A While

But here is a condensed picture version…

East Coast Adventure with Debbi, including Rhinebeck, was just awesome.  See???

East Coast Adventure, part deux, including Stitches East, was just as awesome.  See?  Oh, yeah.  Too awesome to take any pictures.

October snow storm…not as awesome….

Halloween snowday…also not awesome.  But silver lining was a few hours of fun for the kids.  And blowing up balloons!

And then Halloween…we had a blast, snow and all.  Despite my grumbling about a snowy Halloween, I thought the snow added an extra level of festive appeal.

Oh, and actual knitting has occurred during all this time.  I am going to actively play catchup this month so…

Stay tuned…

The Excitement Builds

Things have continued to be very busy around here.  This weekend is an exciting one though!  I’ll be spending it with Debbi at Rhinebeck!  We’ll be on the magic bus from WEBS and are so excited to travel comfortably.

Although we won’t be seeing Stephen and hizmom Ann this year, we are bound to see some other friends, of the 2 and four legged variety.

First stop, Miss Babs in Building C to drop off a few samples of my patterns that Babs will be carrying at the show.

Hope to see you there!