Happiness is Friday

And sunshine doesn’t hurt either!

These are the things I am happy about on this Friday:

1. Friends. Here is one of my favorite pictures from sock camp. Carrie (Irishgirlieknits), Debbi (cockeyed) and I all made the same infinity scarf out of one honkin’ skein of yarn and called it our BFF Traveling Scarf.  It’s a great pattern: Kollage’s Pont Neuf, designed by Irishgirlieknits (of course) and knit in BMFA BFL Sport in True Blood Red.

And here’s a close up of the stitch detail:

2.  Today the final clue of my Spring Blooms Mystery Sock KAL was released.  Over 60 knitters are currently knitting the sock!

As a thank you to all those who have made my first KAL a great experience, I decided to put my patterns on sale…call it a Spring Sale.  Head over here and enjoy 20% of my patterns for the next 2 weeks.

3.  I am REALLY excited about my next design,  a one-skein shawl.  The swatching is done, the design is done, and soon the prototype will be too!  I am using Socks that Rock lightweight and Valley Yarns Charlemont and can’t wait to finish.  (I’ll be looking for test knitters soon.  Let me know if you are interested!)

4.  Reflecting on my week, I am still glowing over my “me time”.  I actually carved out time twice this week to have lunch with women whose lives are running parallel to mine.  You are an inspiration to me!  You know who you are!!!


The Antics of Sock Camp

Suffice it to say that there was a lot of crazy behavior at sock camp.  There were spontaneous moments of hilarity followed by laughter-till-your-cheeks-hurt.  There were quiet yarn bombings followed by “a-ha” moments when they were discovered.

All events resulted in great, unpredictable fun!

I plan on looking back at these pictures to remember the fun even on the “not-so-fun” days I find myself missing sock camp!

Knit on honeybadgers!

Anna of Port Ludlow

Well we all know Anna Zilboorg isn’t from Port Ludlow, but she was for just one week.

I had the most wonderful opportunity to really get to know Anna during our time at sock camp.  We had a lunch and ice cream together and even breakfast one morning after one of her adventures.  I was wowed to be in her class…

…and look at all of her knits…

(Go take a look at the sweater she is wearing over here…Debbi has a great picture of it in her sock camp post.)

…was amazed at her poise while reciting the Jabberwocky, flawlessly I might add…

…and honored to have her even dare to look at my rendition of HER Magnificent Mittens.

She is a remakable woman with alot of stories and perspective to share.

Thank you Anna! You are magnificent!

The Spinning of Sock Camp

There was lots of spinning at Sock Camp. And not just of the the fibery kind.

But first we interrupt this broadcsat to bring you the following public service announcement:  Today marks the release of Clue 2 in the Spring Blooms Mystery Sock KAL.  Check it out over on Ravelry and join in the fun.

download now

So, spinning…

There was the kind on spindles, where Debbi, aka Cockeyed, made new spinners (sucked them in good! and you thought vampires were contagious, Erica! HA!):

And there were other spinners like Stormy making new spinners like Mya:

And there was the kind where Anna Zilboorg made spinners on the spinning wheel (like Irishgirlie Carrie, already a spindle spinner, now on the wheel!):

And there was Stephanie making quasi-spinners where you really don’t have to spin but can make yarn anyhow!  (LOVED this!):

And there were these kind of spinners:

‘Nuff said.

Knit on Honeybadgers. Knit on.

The Faces of Sock Camp

Let’s face it, Sock Camp is as much about the people as it is about the knitting…

Click to see each photo.

I’ll share more camp antics and yarn as the weeklong  sock camp hangover clears up 🙂

Knit on honeybadgers!

The Socks of Sock Camp

Well, Sock Camp actually produced socks for me this year!  Time for show ‘n tell!

1.  Northampton Beat Sock

This was a fun knit, not only because it is my pattern and the yarn is awesome, but also because it was a mini-kal!  I cast-on mine on the way to the airport, Leslie picked her stalled socks up and made serious progress despite breaking ALL of her needles, Celia knit and finished one, Angela (with her fancy new yarn) showed up at camp with hers on the needles, and Laura (she gifted all campers  her beautiful stitch markers! She’s like that.) showed up WEARING a finished pair!

2. Vanilla Dragon Socks

My homework attempt was lame at best.  Although I didn’t knit a dragon, I did knit socks for a dragon.  They appear misshapen but it is the dragon feet which are the source of the odd shaping :-). They doubled as rocking good dancing shoes.

3. Free Sole Sock

This is my wee sock knit in Anna Zilboorg’s (wish she had a real website that would give you the true flavor of who and how amazing she is!) afternoon sock workshop.  It is a great technique starting at the toe with a band and worked up the instep.  Stitches are picked up and knit together at each edge of the sole.  The heel turn and flap follow with the leg on top.  Can’t wait to make a person size pair!  The great thing is you can easily use to make multicolored socks.

4. Darned Sock

This is Leslie’s Leyburn Sock.  (Ironically in the same color as Celia’s sock above.) It had a large blowout at the heel turn.  I took it to my darning class with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and voila.  No more hole.  Leslie, Steph and I were wondering if the match had a hole too?  Seriously, only one sock?  And by the way…be more careful with your socks next time, huh?! 😉

5.  Spring Blooms Mystery Sock

I released this free pattern as part of the Solid Socks group Mystery Sock KAL over on Ravelry on April 1st.  Here’s a picture of Clue 1.  I am thrilled to see so many people have downloaded and cast-on! (over 500 and 49 to date, respectively)  The next clue will be released on Friday.  Join in if you like!

Yarny pictures from camp later this week but right now, I have a second sock to start!!!

Knit on! Honeybadgers love knitting!

Port Ludlow

Here are a few pictures of the pretty surroundings of Port Ludlow!  I had a chance to go exploring again this morning after breakfast with Anna Zilboorg. (Yes, she is amazing!)  Doesn’t get much better than that.

And now the exciting news! My sock pattern is the featured Mystery Sock for April/May for the Solid Socks Group over on Ravelry.  I’ll be releasing it tomorrow, April 1st (no foolin’!) so the Knit-a-long can begin!

Go have a look at the Spring Blooms Mystery Sock and join in the KAL!

If I Were to Run Away…

…you could find me here.   It’s a long trip from the East Coast.  I cast on my Northampton Beat Sock (Blue Moon STR lightweight in Rabia colorway) when I left my house at 8:30 am EST.

On the long flight, I met Susan who was already a knitter but by the time the flight was over, was an aspiring sock knitter!

I arrived in Pt. Ludlow a few days before sock camp because two years ago when I came here, I knew I’d have to come back to explore this beautiful part of the country.  So, I put myself in a timeout and spent all day with myself yesterday.

I drove past the super secret submarine island, Indian Island:

I saw Marrowstone Island:

downtown Nordland:

and all the glory and grandeur of Ft. Flagler State Park:

I ventured to Port Townsend:

and found Ft. Worden State Park:

I felt like I was on the tip of the world.

It was a great day, full of exercise and fresh air and now a clear head.

Today’s adventure includes a trip to Bainbridge Island! The friends start rolling in to the area today from all parts of the country!

And tomorrow look for an announcement about my Mystery Sock KAL over on Ravelry!  So exciting!!!