Spring Bloomed

Now that it is May and my Spring Blooms Mystery Sock Knit Along is half way over, I see no harm in showing you the socks finally!

I had a blast doing the Mystery KAL.  It was fun releasing the pattern in pieces and watching the socks grow as people posted their photos.  There are over 65 projects one month into the KAL. Check them out here.

I owe a special thanks to Lorajean at the Knitted Wit.  She dyed the yarn special for me and it was just right for these socks. I really enjoyed knitting with the Superwash Merino Fingering and love the finished texture and feel!  She has beautiful yarns and is great to work with.  Go check out her shop!  One of my next projects will be with her yarn Bling!

There are a beautiful collection of Spring Blooms all over the world, I can proudly boast.  It was a great opportunity and one that I’d gladly do again!

Thanks to all who participated and made it fun for me too!  The pattern will remain free for all to enjoy in future springs too.

Good thing the KAL lasts for another month so I can finish the second sock. hehe.


The Spinning of Sock Camp

There was lots of spinning at Sock Camp. And not just of the the fibery kind.

But first we interrupt this broadcsat to bring you the following public service announcement:  Today marks the release of Clue 2 in the Spring Blooms Mystery Sock KAL.  Check it out over on Ravelry and join in the fun.

download now

So, spinning…

There was the kind on spindles, where Debbi, aka Cockeyed, made new spinners (sucked them in good! and you thought vampires were contagious, Erica! HA!):

And there were other spinners like Stormy making new spinners like Mya:

And there was the kind where Anna Zilboorg made spinners on the spinning wheel (like Irishgirlie Carrie, already a spindle spinner, now on the wheel!):

And there was Stephanie making quasi-spinners where you really don’t have to spin but can make yarn anyhow!  (LOVED this!):

And there were these kind of spinners:

‘Nuff said.

Knit on Honeybadgers. Knit on.