A Little Catch Up, part one

Last week, yes time flies, my little one, my baby turned 6! (Yes, that’s cake and ice cream for breakfast!)

I can’t even believe it.  She was anticipating for 2 months incessantly talking and planning for it.  She took full advantage of the day and I think she made it last for 3.  But then again, every day is a party for her!  She is a supreme lover of life.  Happy Birthday girle!

Also, that same weekend we took a family trip to Concord MA to visit Louisa May Alcott’s house.  DD 2 is doing a report on Louisa May for school. 

Can’t go to Concord without checking out the other historical sites there!  The Old North Bridge with the Concord River at  flood levels. (really there is a river in there somewhere!)

A few stories from the soldier kept the interest of my boy and the historian father!

And lest you think that all knitting has ceased, I am cruising along on my March Rocking Sock Club Kit!  The yarn, dyed by my friend, the pattern, created by my other friend.  I love having creative friends!  I only have a foot left on the second sock.

I’ll continue playing catch up this week.  Since I am not packing to go anywhere but desparately wish I were.

Have fun for me!


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