Got You Covered, A Collection from Head to Toe

It seems that the blog may be falling victim to the busy schedule of life but at least the needles aren’t quiet!  There has been lots of knitting in the last six months since I last posted here.

Lately, we’ve been having a discussion in my house about my knitting.  Is it a hobby? Yes and no, I’ve decided and made a distinction for my young people who keep asking.  If I am knitting something from a pattern (not my own and simply to follow) just for fun, I’ll call it a hobby. If it’s designing and knitting up those designs and fulfilling a contract,  I call it work.  That seemed to be a reasonable explanation for all.

FINALLY this last week, one of my big projects has been released and is fresh news.  Thanks to the wonderful people at WEBS, America’s Yarn Store, I was offered an opportunity to be featured in their Emerging Designer series of ebooks.  My collection, Got You Covered, A Collection from Head to Toe, has something for everyone.  My idea was to offer a collection that could be knit as gifts or as satisfying projects as we enter into the cold season here in the northeast.  I chose 3 designs that might suit a variety of needs as we approach the holidays and used 3 different yarn bases to encourage knitters to try more of the great Valley Yarns.

Got You Covered eBook

Got You Covered eBook

The Got You Covered hat and mittens, an easy color work set, would make a perfect gift for teachers and friends.

Got You Covered Hat mitts flat

Got You Covered Hat and Mitten set

Got You Covered Hat Mitts on

The Got You Covered Vest provides that extra layer which I always seem to be grabbing for and is long enough to handle today’s form fitting pants and leggings.

Got You Covered Vest full

Got You Covered Vest model

Got You Covered vest close up

Got You Covered Vest detail

The Got You Covered Socks are delicate and interesting and perfect for that special gal on your list or even yourself.  The yarn works up into a nice, fine fabric that will be the perfect trouser socks.

Got You Covered Socks

Got You Covered Socks

I am so fortunate to call Kathy and Steve friends and be supported by the amazing (and fun) staff at WEBS who make all this work not even seem like work.  Maybe it is just a Hobby but with a capital H!  Whatever it is, take my advice and hop over to the WEBS Holiday Catalog and peruse page 6 and choose your colors for Got You Covered projects!

Photo credits: Valley Yarns

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